Animal Welfare Audits

New Poultry Animal Welfare Audit being issued for 2012 to better conform with NCC Guidelines.
Contact today at 1.931.607.4176 to hear about changes.

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Field and Plant Audits

Humane handling of animals is always the right thing to do.  It is right for ethical reasons as well as right for good food processing.  PMC is involved in the study and promotion of animal husbandry processes that improve health and reduce stress on animals during transportation & slaughter processes.  Improved processes improve the quality of meat for consumers.
Audits of farms and processing facilities look at the facility and equipment as well as the condition of arriving animals.  Smart processors look at equipment and handling processes from the perspective of the animals.    Properly designed equipment and layout reduces stress on animals and employees.  The net result is a more tender piece of protein for the consumer and more profitable return for the processor.  Maintaining high standards for treatment of animals is a smart thing to do.
Animal welfare audits below are in MS Excel format and may be used as needed.  When you open the file, you will find tabs at the bottom of your screen for each of the sections:

  • Cover page (including scoring summary)
  • Scoring guidelines, with an area to record comments for point deductions
  • Auditor Guidelines, with animal welfare standards and corresponding scoring guidelines
  • Worksheet, for use in recording audit measurements and observations


Dr. Paul DuBois is certified as both a PQA Plus (Pork Quality Assurance) and a TQA (transportation quality assurance) Advisor.  These credentials allow Paul to train companies and individuals who are interested in becoming PQA Plus or TQA certified.  Interest in these certifications has steadily grown (recently Tyson announced their pork producers must be PQA Plus certified by the end of 2010).  PMC is proud to have someone on staff who can provide this service.  For more information on certification for your company, contact Dr. Paul DuBois or Bob Thrash.


Sysco Animal Welfare Advisory Committee with recognized animal experts

Feedlot audits
Pilgrims Pride – Athens GA Animal Welfare Training

Document Library

Name Document
AMI Cattle Slaughter Audit Form
AMI Cattle Slaughter Audit Form
AMI Pig Audit Form
AMI Pig Audit Form
AMI Sheep Audit Form
AMI Sheep Audit Form
The latest information regarding animal welfare auditing
The latest information regarding animal welfare auditing

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