Global Gap Certification

Global GAP is one of the best initiatives emphasizing pre-farm inputs for good agricultural practices. Being a benchmarked standard under GFSI, it is internationally recognized and demonstrates strict adherence to producers’ annual inspections. Process Management Consulting is accredited to perform Global Gap audits independently by assessing your performance on unbiased conditions. Global Gap Certification ensures the consumers that food is being produced in accordance with the parameters of health, safety, environment, and workers’ welfare. Good agricultural practices minimize  negative environmental impacts and enhance positive farming operations.

Benefits of Global Gap Certification:

Attaining Global Gap Certification from PMC comes with a number of benefits:

  • Reduce food safety risk at the primary level.
  • Get quality assurance by following on-site food safety standards.
  • Accepted and recognized in a number of countries

The audits are performed under four categories, including Integrated Farm Assurance, Compound Feed Manufacturer, Plant Propagation Material, and Risk Assessment on Social Practices. The process starts with an optional preliminary ‘gap analyses’ prior to the official certification audit. The formal audit is often divided in two parts or stages:


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