About Our Team

At Process Management Consulting, our focus is on the entire food chain – from fields to  processors to distributors.  We provide food safety intervention and consulting services to major food chains and their suppliers. Get in touch with us today. Our process coaches travel throughout North America, South and Central America, including the Carribbean, Europe and Africa.PMC offers GFSI audits in the US and Mexico including both BRC and SQF.  Call Lisa Dillard at 615.646.1640 for more information.Process Coaches are trained in animal welfare practices for poultry, pork and cattle.  PMC believes in the proper and ethical treatment of animals.  PMC supports industry training through support of AMI’s Annual Animal Care & Handling Conference and the US Poultry & Egg Association Poultry Handling Workshop.  Contact Lisa Dillard for an animal welfare audit of your organization.
Recent Events
Cert-ID team, Jane and Christina, at BRC Storage & Distribution Training
Bob Thrash and Rena Pierami at the 2011 BRC Conference in London
Greg Harrison and Bob Thrash meeting with the KFC QA Team, Lonita Barron and Cary Goff

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