Poultry Broiler Live Production Audits

PMC conducts third party Animal Welfare Audits in the area of broiler field production. These audits are based on current NCC animal welfare guidelines and conducted by PAACO certified AW auditors.

Areas of live production audited include:

  • hatchery operations
  • farms – typically two broiler production units of different age birds
  • catching – auditor will watch both manual and mechanical catching when both are used.
  • transportation of market age birds.

Auditors will review procedures and records, observed operations and interview employees. Specific areas covered in the audit are:

  • general animal welfare management practices
  • animal welfare training,
  • overall hatchery operations
  • nutrition & feeding
  • comfort & shelter
  • health care
  • normal animal behavior
  • farm best management practices (BMPs).
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