Supplier Audits

PMC’s Supplier Audits take you a step ahead in food security management. The role of the supplier while managing varied operations is both crucial and significant. Food manufacturers and retailers are becoming more and more conscious of the way food products (processed or unprocessed) are being handled. Quality and safety have become the foremost indicators in the all-in-one supplying/shipment activities. Therefore, suppliers need to acquire the certification in the approved standards.

Our Supplier Audits include:

We are assisted by experienced auditors who carefully perform a number of audits based on different guidelines. The auditor schedules your audit and accordingly matches the competences. Non-conformities are streamlined and worked upon to eradicate any future problem. The auditing procedures also involve documentation control, management review and product quality management.

Start your audit today and be a certified supplier. Call 615.646.1640 and talk to Lisa Dillard for more information.

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