Food Safety Audits Is A Blend Of Food Quality, Storage And Packaging Audit

Food audit is an important component for maintaining food safety standards. It helps in maintaining certification as well by giving transparency and confidence that standards are being adhered to. It is this transparency which enhances an organization’s value amongst stakeholders and wins their trust. Organizations that sticks to standards and properly follows them ensure food safety, and continuous improvement of the organization. Audit is not only about obtaining certification, it is a platform via which an organization can drive its value.

An organization goes for food safety audit due to many reasons such as:-

  • Organization becomes certified as per standards.
  • Management system’s evaluation takes place via audit
  • To attain commercial objectives
  • Customer need and supplier evaluation
  • Requirements of the contracts

Food safe audits are designed for the whole food chain; it extensively covers everything beginning from food processing to food distribution. Therefore, manufacturing, packaging, transportation all form part of an audit. Food safe audit conducted by Process management consulting specifically covers Food Safety and Quality System Audits, Dry Storage Audit Preparation and Packaging Audit Preparation.

Food Safety and Quality System Audits

This type of audit covers each and every aspect of Food Safety Management System along with the Quality system and Food Defense. This standard is widely accepted by retailers and stakeholders in the food supply chain. It has helped many food organizations within the industry in meeting its global requirements. The auditing service rendered by PCM authorizes us to award certificate and thereby giving our customers an edge over their competitors. The standard covers all the issues pertaining to food safety and food quality management, which includes the following: –

  • Prerequisite programs or GMP program necessary to manage food safety
  • HACCP systems
  • Food defense
  • Quality system
  • Crisis management preparedness

Dry Storage Audit Preparation

A complete food safety audit is not confined to day-to-day check up of food security, it also covers critical point and dry storage audit is one of those critical points. It is important to check how food is stored as it affects both quality and safety. Improper storage can result in spoilage of food and possible illness. Therefore, one of the ways by which Food Company proves that they keep food safe is by maintaining proper storage condition. Some of the guidelines related to dry food storage keep the area well ventilated, pest-free, dry and clean. Similarly, in the case of repackaging of bulk ingredients, leak-proof, pest-proof, non-absorbent, sanitary containers with tight fitting lids should be used.

PMC will help you to pass the Dry Storage Audit. It will be done on the basis of a checklist which includes standard guidelines. The critical points will be checked on the basis of following:-

  • Temperature of the storage area
  • Protected from contamination
  • Distance between storage point of food and floor
  • Quality of container
  • Label on food package

Packaging Audit Preparation

Same as dry storage audit, PMC will help you in passing packaging audit. In the case of this audit, checking takes place at multiple levels against the approved standard and guidelines. PMC will help you by bridging the gap between the existing situation and what needs are required to be fulfilled in order to get a certificate.