Animal Welfare Consulting

Process Management Consulting staff includes several animal welfare experts, meeting producers’, suppliers’, and consumers’ interests along with social responsibility. We deliver a professional and science-based animal handling training course. The training spans understanding the basic principles of animal behavior through processing. We conduct Refresher Animal Welfare Training covering PAACO and NCC guidelines, which includes essential information on the behavior, physiology, immunology, and health of animals

Thinking of its Need and Benefits?

Our animal welfare consulting addresses fundamental concepts which are easy to implement, but are often ignored by people in the industry. Our PAACO-certified auditors and trainers will help you implement good management practices that ensure quality animal food production and promote health benefits. Each topic is carefully covered and solutions offered to reduce animal stress during the transportation and slaughtering process. We help raise awareness about improved technologies effecting animal well-being.

The benefits of the animal welfare training course are not limited to the end consumers, but include the people involved in the chain, including farm owners, processors, vendors, export promotion agencies, and many more.

Animal Welfare Consulting

Benefits of Animal Welfare Training

If you ready to adopt the best animal handling techniques through practical training by PCM, or you have any questions, please call Lisa Dillard at 615.646.1640.

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