From Food Quantity and Price to Food Quality and Safety

With increasing competitiveness in the food industry, the focus is shifting from quantity and price to quality and safety. With this in mind, Process Management Consulting has emerged as one of the premier global food quality training providers in the US. Our training courses are based on strengthening the concept of “Global Food Security System”. We help you plan, organize, and implement quality based programs in your daily operations.

If you are facing challenges in off-site or on-site food related operations, call Lisa Dillard at 615.646.1640.

We are backed by food experts well-versed in the newest technology-based food quality solutions. We work in parallel with internationally accepted standards and guidelines of BRC, HACCP, and ASQ. Our quality training covers:

The main objective of introducing Quality Training Services is to promote effective collaboration between all food related systems such as production, processing, transportation, storage, and distribution in terms of quality. Email Lisa at

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