ASQ Certified Auditor Exam Refresher (CQA)

This ASQ-Certified Auditor Exam Refresher (CQA) course is designed to develop the required confidence to conduct audits, field questions, and examine any quality system independently. With years of experience in quality management activities all across the world, we aim at helping you in attaining the certification that validates being a quality professional. Our experts will guide you from understanding auditing to the best techniques of evaluating quality control systems.

Why Select PMC for CQA Exam Training?

We believe in making each of our classes interactive and interesting. Our team of experts provides guaranteed results. For the those with busy schedules, we offer virtual classroom technology, enabling you to experience a real learning environment at cost-effective prices. Our training includes testing, quizzing and discussions, boosting your confidence each day.

ASQ Certified Auditor Exam Refresher Training Course:

The syllabus of the exam will cover:

  • The Fundamentals of Auditing
  • Audit-Process & Competencies
  • Understanding Auditor Program & Applications
  • Quality Tools and Techniques
  • Review along with Tips On Exams

Have questions? Feel free to contact Lisa Dillard 615.646.1640.

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