Statistical Process Control Training Course

Quality Assessment in food production operations is both hectic and time consuming. Results have to be quick and exact, especially where production and processing work is involved. Nowadays, companies depend on the Statistical Process Control method to analyze their quality food processing process. Statistical Process Control, popularly known as SPC, is an analytical and data-driven technique to monitor real-time quality performance, and thereby take fast corrective actions. As the name suggests, this method makes use of statistical tools including histograms, scatter diagrams, frequency distribution, and Pareto charts in order to identify process deviation from the line of production.

Process Management Consulting, being a quality-driven firm, is actively engaged in providing SPC Training to people handling day-to-day food production, product management, food storage operations, etc. Those who wish to apply the SPC method in their work are free to call us at 615.646.1640. We also offer SPC software solutions, minimizing human error during the process.

Discover About SPC Course:

The SPC Training Course will include the basic understanding of the terminology and all the analytical tools used. Topics covered include:

  • Introduction of SPC and basic statistical concepts
  • Understanding types of Control Charts & their uses
  • How to calculate Control Limits
  • Variable Control Charts
  • About Six Sigma

Attendees to our SPC Training Course will be able to reduce the variability affecting the quality of the production, along with scrap. Further, you can significantly lower costs while improving productivity scientifically. Make real-time decisions on the production floor and gain dexterity in food production with Statistical Process Control Training.

Call (615) 646-1640 for more information.

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